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I am a amature woodworker but some times have to bow to presures of time and buy. Last year I purchased very nice fitted cupboards for my study. This year due to a planned extention the study has moved to new room. Now when approaching the suppliers for "A little more" of the same material to add a few shelves I was told absolutley NO they only supply and fit. When moving the original cupboards I could see what material had been used and realised just how how expensive it had been considering the whole thing was just made from chipboard with extremely thin light colour oak vaneer.
So getting to the point. Where can a meneber of the public obtain such material in small quantities?
Most places I have found give me "Only Trade Deals" or expect me to buy enough to make and entire house!
if anyone has a sourse I would be very greatful to here from you.
Roy :icon_smile:
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