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Ok, I guess I'll be the first to confess to owning a Festool!:eek: Yeah, the price sucks,:blink: but..... I have a small shop that is only 8' wide at my table saw area so cutting full sheets of plywood is a real you know what!:furious: :wallbash: I looked at those vertical panel saws but at $1500+ :thumbdown: and no room to spare in my shop I consigned myself to rough cutting the sheats with a skil saw and then finish cutting them on the table saw if they were manageable.
Anyway I was visiting a nearby cabinet shop and they had just purchased a bunch of Festool products (looked like Christmas)! They had a TS 55 EQ (circular saw) with a couple of guide rails sitting there and invited me to try it out. Wow! You put a pencil mark on the edges of the sheet, drop the guide rail right on the marks, place the saw on the guide rail and rip away! It made a no- splinter, dead straight line cut right then and there!
And the other bonus for my small shop is the saw and guide rail can be tucked away in a corner or overhead so I don't have to give up dedicated space!:smile: It may or may not pay for itself but my blood pressure and frustration levels has been reduced considerably and thus possibly adding a year or two to my lifespan so....:icon_smile:


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