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Extreme Birdhouses

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Hi everyone !
Whenever i am not working at my son,s house i am building birdhouses . Here are a few more !
This is the first time using cedar .I got the scrap wood from my sons deck .
I completely sold out of birdhouses a few weeks ago so i have to stock up again .

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Once again John you have done a fantastic job. These are just simply awesome. I like everything about them. Kind of makes me wish I was a bird. :yes:
Just one question......I see multiple holes in every house and I'm just wondering if these are multi bird dwellings. What I mean is, are there individual compartments inside for each hole or do the holes enter into a common room? You may have answered this before, but the life of me, I can't recall.
That's amazing John. Thanks for sharing. I keep wanting to make a birdhouse replica of our cottage but just haven't had the ambition to get it going. I don't think it would be 9' X 9' however. :laughing:
I would love to build one.
Be big enough for a few birds and a new scroll saw. How tall are you sitting down? :eek: bill

That one is gorgeous too. I haven't started mine yet because I have other projects lined up that are in the half done stages. Another great job.
That's a great birdhouse. Okay, that seals the deal. I'm starting mine today. Thanks for the inspiration fellas. I'm off to the shop
Once again John, that's beautiful. Great work.
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1 - 8 of 57 Posts
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