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Extreme Birdhouses

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Hi everyone !
Whenever i am not working at my son,s house i am building birdhouses . Here are a few more !
This is the first time using cedar .I got the scrap wood from my sons deck .
I completely sold out of birdhouses a few weeks ago so i have to stock up again .

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i think i found a new hobby , my birds are gonna be falcons , eagles owls raptors in general ,imagine tweety sitting on the chimney when a homeowner shows up swoosh nothing but feathers littering the ground haha that is cool you have birds that are uppity snobs, i can see them flying south to a run down lame old bird house, slumming it hahaha
dam it i was gonna use my old barn wood hahaha you beat me too it
all i seen was the cedar ones lol

i figured old barn wood was beneath a man of your caliber lmao and i wanted to surprise you hahaha
dam you, i was out in the shop working and finished early, looked down and seen a bunch of scrap.

was ready to toss into the kindling pile and remembered your thread,

so seeing as i wasn't in a hurry, i started ripping scrap up, it wasn't long and i had me some material,

i just wanted you to know, it was only to get rid of my scraps. well there comes a point when your ripping down scrap and then your ripping new material lol very addictive hahaha

i wish i would of done a blue print but i like to do it by eye as i go and fix mistakes as they come, its the mark of a good carpenter hahaha

i still have some work to do yet, stone fireplace, landscaping etc. all in due time though. its only a 3500 square inch lol

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thanks cranbrook, if it wasn't for your thread i would of never thought to do one like this

oh ive done birdhouses before ya know ya whip 10 out in 30 minutes type deal

you looked at it in different eyes and see what ya did

for newbs this is really the project they need to do to learn, if you scale it down its really the same deal, as far as angles and all

ripping small stuff down requires addons to the saw for safety.
thanks kenbo, i can see the scroll saw work already hahaaha,

i have to warn you, itis very addicting hahaha you can do everything ya can't afford to do to a real house lmao.

and you say screw the tax accessor hahaha and make it as nice as ya want hahaha.

when ya run out of scrap and ya pick up the new wood just cut it up they sell more everyday lol
It's hard to compete with cranbrook

Very nice job
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1 - 7 of 57 Posts
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