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Extreme Birdhouses

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Hi everyone !
Whenever i am not working at my son,s house i am building birdhouses . Here are a few more !
This is the first time using cedar .I got the scrap wood from my sons deck .
I completely sold out of birdhouses a few weeks ago so i have to stock up again .

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Thanks Bill ! The birds do love them . Every birdhouse i have up has birds in them . :thumbsup:
Thanks again Ken !
These small ones are a little boring to build but they sell like crazy . :laughing:
It helps pay for the big ones . I have a few large ones on the go now .
This one is over 7 ft wide

Someone ordered a copy of this one too but with a red roof .

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All of the rooms are divided up .I build the shell first then add the insides after .All of the insides are removable for cleaning .

This is my largest house so far . It is 9 ft x 9 ft and has 103 rooms .Total height is 18 ft .

I make the insides out of 3/16" plywood .

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I get a lot of orders for replica,s of homes and cottages . I like creating my own designs the most .
If you ever want to build one i,ll send you a copy of plans . I have a cape cod and a easy one with straight gables .
Thanks Jeremy !
The cape cod and the 4 smaller houses are made from scrap cedar .
This is the first time i have used new cedar for birdhouses since i started 5 1/2 years ago . I really like the look of it too . I usually make them 100- 150 year old hemlock barn wood . I have built 107 of them so far .

Once i finish my sons deck and gazebo i should have enough scrap to build 20 or so .:thumbsup:
Thanks again everyone !
I still have enough room to put a few more up in the next few weeks . :thumbsup:
Thanks P !
Send me your email and i,ll send you a copy :thumbsup:
Does that go for me too..?:yes:

Truly beautiful work.

We've got some wrens here that will build a nest in yer coffee cup if you set it down for a minute.

Your plan is on the way :thumbsup:
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Those are really neat! :thumbsup:At first, I thought you were assembling them like "Lincoln Logs", but I see now that they squared with no cutouts.

Are they glued in place?

That is a great use of scrap lumber that I am going to incorporate in my plans. I can use my method of cutting stickers for the sawmill to make birdhouse logs with a more rustic look.
I use a tablesaw to cut all the logs , they are nailed with 2 1/2" galv 16 gauge finish nails . They go through 3 logs at once so they hold very well . No glue !
Extreme Birdhouse # 108

I thought i posted this one but i guess i forgot . :laughing:
I just finished this house on Sunday . It is 7 ft tall 5 ft wide and 4 1/2 ft deep . This house is made from 120 year old bard wood .It has 38 rooms and a roof top pool :boat:

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:laughing: I have been building birdhouses with barnwood for the last six years . Just recently i started using scrap cedar .
Thanks Del ! I still have a bit of space :laughing:

The owner of this birdhouse just sent me a message yesterday along with a few pictures .

Here is what he sent

We got the birdhouse home without any problems.

The next day, Monday; I started looking for a forklift to hire. Well, there are not many of those four wheel drive lift trucks around that people know of, but as I was driving along the industrial area, saw one sitting at a welding place. Went in and asked the girl if they hire it and the driver out, she put me on the phone with the owner and we agreed on Thursday morning. I had to pay for a tow company flat bed truck to bring it to my house and Paul the owner of the lift came and he picked the birdhouse up in front of my house, drove it down the street to the park entrance and into the park to where my trees are. Had it on top of the trees perfect in about 10 minutes. It took me about 4 hours to have the top of tree trunks perfectly level with a chain saw though. Had to cut in where the braces where as well. After all the engineering of the tree and the measurements of the birdhouse, it fit like a glove. Instead of fence posts as braces for the birdhouse, I used aircraft wire and adjusters. Screwed in eyehooks into the tree and drilled holes for eyehooks through the base of the birdhouse. Worked great and from a short distance you only see the trunks of the tree and the birdhouse on top of it. We took lots of pictures and I will send you some real soon. Looks really great on the trunks and the people in the park are totally amased at what they see. Thanks for a great job and I will send you pictures.
Hank and Deb

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Thank you Ken and Jason ! :thumbsup:
The biggest problem with MDF is it likes to swell up :thumbdown:
I use hemlock and cedar but pine would work too .

Your plans are on the way Jason ! :thumbsup:
Thanks Jason . It should be pretty easy to do . :laughing:

I just finished another one today . It is 4 ft square x 4 1/2 ft tall .
This house has 29 rooms and took me 3 days to build .I still have to caulk the seams as soon as i can get some red caulk . This one is going in my yard so i,ll post a few pics once i erect it ! :thumbsup:

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That the most amazing bird house I ever seen, your birds must be very happy living in those beautiful houses. I've made a few regular bird houses but nothing like the ones you make. Any chance I can have a copy of the plans.


Thanks Richard ! Just send me a private email with your address and i will send you one right away .

I just got this house erected about 5 minutes ago . It looks pretty small for 4 ft square and 4 1/2 ft tall .:laughing:

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I know you've heard this a billion times but once again, I just wanted to say you do some amazing work! I've done a couple simple bird houses but would love to try something like this! :)
Thank you Maurice ! If you send me a private email with your address i will email a copy of them free . :thumbsup:
Thanks pinokeeo :thumbsup:
I should have a few new ones done in the next couple of weeks .
That is a very impressive looking birdhouse ! You really came up with a great design too !! :thumbsup: I,m sure the birds will love it too :yes:

Birdhouses can be very addictive when you have a great imagination . :hammer:
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Here is another 35 room mansion i just completed a few days ago .It is made from northern white cedar .


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