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Extreme Birdhouses

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Hi everyone !
Whenever i am not working at my son,s house i am building birdhouses . Here are a few more !
This is the first time using cedar .I got the scrap wood from my sons deck .
I completely sold out of birdhouses a few weeks ago so i have to stock up again .

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We can only hope

That the birds appreciate all the artistry, effort and hard work that you put into these beautiful bird palaces. Go Canada! NIce work.... ......again! :thumbsup: bill
Thanks Bill ! The birds do love them . Every birdhouse i have up has birds in them . :thumbsup:
Once again John you have done a fantastic job. These are just simply awesome. I like everything about them. Kind of makes me wish I was a bird. :yes:
Thanks again Ken !
These small ones are a little boring to build but they sell like crazy . :laughing:
It helps pay for the big ones . I have a few large ones on the go now .
This one is over 7 ft wide

Someone ordered a copy of this one too but with a red roof .

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Just one question......I see multiple holes in every house and I'm just wondering if these are multi bird dwellings. What I mean is, are there individual compartments inside for each hole or do the holes enter into a common room? You may have answered this before, but the life of me, I can't recall.
All of the rooms are divided up .I build the shell first then add the insides after .All of the insides are removable for cleaning .

This is my largest house so far . It is 9 ft x 9 ft and has 103 rooms .Total height is 18 ft .

I make the insides out of 3/16" plywood .

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That's amazing John. Thanks for sharing. I keep wanting to make a birdhouse replica of our cottage but just haven't had the ambition to get it going. I don't think it would be 9' X 9' however. :laughing:
I get a lot of orders for replica,s of homes and cottages . I like creating my own designs the most .
If you ever want to build one i,ll send you a copy of plans . I have a cape cod and a easy one with straight gables .
I would love to build one.
A 10' x 10' should.....

Be big enough for a few birds and a new scroll saw. How tall are you sitting down? :eek: bill
Be big enough for a few birds and a new scroll saw. How tall are you sitting down? :eek: bill

Absolutely amazing. Great craftmanship, I am sure the birds are quite comfortable in these palaces. Looks like a sof wood like pine,have you ever made them out of cedar? Just think it would give it a different look. Great work and God Bless.
Thanks Jeremy !
The cape cod and the 4 smaller houses are made from scrap cedar .
This is the first time i have used new cedar for birdhouses since i started 5 1/2 years ago . I really like the look of it too . I usually make them 100- 150 year old hemlock barn wood . I have built 107 of them so far .

Once i finish my sons deck and gazebo i should have enough scrap to build 20 or so .:thumbsup:
i think i found a new hobby , my birds are gonna be falcons , eagles owls raptors in general ,imagine tweety sitting on the chimney when a homeowner shows up swoosh nothing but feathers littering the ground haha that is cool you have birds that are uppity snobs, i can see them flying south to a run down lame old bird house, slumming it hahaha
John, that is some beautiful work, I really like them, keep up the great work.
I bet you don't have many birds around with all your cats.
did you make your own bird town thay look great but the big ones a worry (thinking eagle ,albatross ,emu ):laughing::laughing:
Thanks again everyone !
I still have enough room to put a few more up in the next few weeks . :thumbsup:
If you ever want to build one i,ll send you a copy of plans
Does that go for me too..?:yes:

Truly beautiful work.

We've got some wrens here that will build a nest in yer coffee cup if you set it down for a minute.

Thanks P !
Send me your email and i,ll send you a copy :thumbsup:
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