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Hi Tomas

Considering your post, all the machines that you have, are not "dust producers", as I understand you don't have table saw or planer/jointer the only one is the router and the CNC which, as I know, is also a router.

The cyclone, will also take a lot of space of your small workshop that is already limited unless, you plan to put it outside the workshop.
Also, the noise is not only generated by the motor (you can hear how quiet is the Drill press)...but from the fan accelerating the air and the airflow in the ducts(listen to the kitchen sucker, you don't hear the motor but the fan airflow)...so, your motor can be quiet but when you connect it to the fan...

I'm working with home-vac that I modified to shop-vac, and I use it even with the table saw. It's called Elektrolux and you should have it in Greece, it's 5 filter system and very quiet, usually I use it on "Min" for the sander and drill and "Med" for the router, only for the table saw, I use it on "Max".

I changed the hoses to 2" (50mm) and it gives a hell of airflow.

After the modification, the bag never gets full and I change the bag once in 6 months or more.

If you decided to build the Cyclone, visit the Bill Pentz site, tons of information...

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