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This is a saw I found in a pile of rusty relics at a junk shop. I was looking through my hoard for my next project and I started looking closely at this particular one.


It's a D-12. Looking at it, I could tell a lot about the previous owner.


It didn't have much rust on it, so I know it was kept in a safe place. The handle wasn't dinged up much, so I know it wasn't thrown around with other tools. It was missing about an inch of saw plate, so I know it had been sharpened many times.


The nicely jointed teeth and saw vise scratches let me know that expert sharpening was a necessity. The owners initials were stamped into the handle letting me know that it was probably used by a professional who didn't want someone "confusing" his saw with theirs.


I can only speculate that the person used this saw to help make a living. They treated it with the respect it deserved, and I'm sure it served its master well.

I looked at it, then put I up on a peg untouched. I'll try to revive a tool that didn't have so good a life. I'll just keep this one as a reminder. I can only hope that my tools will tell a similar story.
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