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Hey all - first time working with 2 part epoxy (West Systems) to reinforce some knots and fill some crevices in some cedar for an outdoor table.

I filled some good size holes prior to planing the wood to final thickness. Will the epoxy damage my planer blades?

Waiting to here back before using the planer or filling more holes....

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no! don't use a planer!

epoxy and several other glues will chip your blades.
instead use a drum sander with coarse sanding belt...go slow because they really aren't meant to be used as a planer, but it's better than chipping your blades and having them re-sharpened.

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Some epoxies are harder than others.

Try a pass with a hand plane. If the hand plane can easily cut, so can your planer, but as others have stated, the epoxy is not good for the blade.

Another reason for light passes is to keep the heat down. Too much heat will soften the epoxy and cause it to get all over the planer and once it cools back down it will be difficult to remove.

Sanding or scraping would be my preferred method on this table top.
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