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Enthusiastic newbie

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Hello All. My sister bought an arts and craft home a few years back and has since accumulated a lot of books on a/c furniture/design which has inspired me to test my hand in wood working-and of course in the spirit of a/c- the mortise and tenon was my introduction. As a beginning woodworker i have learned this is a painstaking joint to take on and have been struggling with splits in the wood from the chisel as well as as basic slips in precision. However, since my first mortise and tenon picture frame I have been introduced to the wider and wonderful world of woodworking. Still a VERY beginner but am loving every moment of it and soaking up all the info I can!
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Oldnewbie Here

Hi everyone. I have been 'playing' with wood off and on for sevral years, but never got interested enough to really pay attention to what I was doing. I've discovered a whole new world now, and I'm having a ball. I didn't realize how much I don't know. Bear with me if some of my questions seem inane. Glad to be here.:confused1:
Welcome oldnewbie. Show us some pictures when you get the notion.
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