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End Table

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This was my first project in a few years so I made it as simple as possible. I'm getting used to the equipment again so hopefully I can start making more complex tables.

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That's nothing to sneeze at. Very nice simple design.
Looks like good, solid construction with tight joints to me.
Welcome to the forum. I'll probably be picking your brain about restoration stuff...
I like the simple lines...matter of fact, as I get further into building projects, I think the more simple the plan, the better the look, I have heard women say the most difficult dress to make is a simple one....no place for a mistake to hide...a frilly dress is easy, since you can't see if it is perfect.
Thanks for the feedback! I never used tung oil before and it's going to be hard to keep myself from using it all the time now.
Nice job Jodie!

How do you edge your joints? Jointer? i haven't built anything to speak of in a while, but I never did care for a jointer. I always edge jointed with my table saw, shaper, or router table with a fence over twice the length of the piece.
i know this is sneered at but I never got the hang of a jointer. I finally sold it and at the time I did I was in my heyday of woodworking. I just never used it anymore at all and wanted the money and space it represented.

Nice work thanks for posting the pictures we love 'em! :thumbsup:
Yeah, I used a jointer. I wouldn't have but my stepdad had an extra one laying around so I inherited it. Sometimes if I dont' feel like getting the planer out I'll use the jointer for that too. I like using it but mine leaves little ridges that I have to sand out. I think that might just be from the wood sticking to the metal though.
Yeah, my jointer collects dust, unless I'm dealing with something 3' or less. I now opt for the straightedge and router. It seems like I have more control with less waste on longer stock with the router.
Nice lookin' table, very clean, simple is the best!!
In the extreme cases where I do need a jointer I drag out the planer sled and dust it off. It does the same thing IMO. Could argue it does better. Don't wanna argue though so I won't say it is better.
I think that anyone who owns, and has mastered the use of a jointer can tell you what an indespenceable and valuable tool they are. Ive been doing woodworking over 40 years and wish i had a nickle for every person ive helped out on their jointer problems.
I teach high school furniture and cabinet making and can not imagine not using a jointer every day. It and the table saw are the 2 most used pieces of equipment in our shop.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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