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I have been thinking on this for a couple days, I came up with this,

cut your stock into 1x1x1" cubes, say maple and red heart or a dyed cherry would work well. then make 4 frame rails that are 1" tall by 3/4" thick by however long.

have a pattern made onto a clear sheet. this can be done at any office supply store same thing teachers would use for the overhead projectors screens.

make your frame so you have a box to hold your pieces. then attach the pattern to one edge so you can flip it on and off tape should do the trick.

then: dry fit by filling the frame with all the "whole blocks you can. where you have to split the spot with the 2 different colors you can then put the maple block in. trace or draw the line on the block so it fits the shape, then do the same with the other block. once the 2 fit correctly glue and clamp them together, then place them in. in essence you are making a 1x1x1 block with 2 colors. the 2 color blocks should be the only ones glued at this point. keep in mind to keep your grain direction going the same direction. once you have all of this done. remove the frame.

cut or grab some dunage wood that you can use as cauls to clamp from both sides meaning the dunage will not overlap, leave the cauls about 1/4" short.

when you do the glue up. I would do it on a piece of ply covered with wax paper to keep it from sticking. as you tighten each clamp. tap each block to "seat" it flat.

once it is dried, and since you do not have a drum sander. I would get a very sharp block plane and set it to as fine a shaving as possible and start to flatten the top. and then scrap the bottom with a card scraper.

this is the best I can come up with, anyone have any other ideas?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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