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Hi everyone,

Need to replace my sister-in-laws deck steps (8). Currently have composite treads. I think I'll use 12 x 2 pt for stringers. Measure correctly, cut top and bottom for proper angle. Use 2 x 4 pt cleats to rest the treads on. If the treads are over 3 feet I may need a center stringer.


The current composite treads are nailed down. I need to reuse them. When I remove them I will have holes. Is there a filler I can use to fill the holes? Or screw deck screws into the existing holes?

I will use deck screws to attach treads, but what type for composite?

Attaching the stringers to the deck. Use a standard galvanized hanger?

What type of protection should I use on the new pt and should I wait until next Spring so it drys a bit?

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I don't do much outside carpentry, but seems like no one wants to touch this.
The minute I do I will be corrected, then you'll get some real help.
Guesses......... Bondo to fill holes, I use it on woodwork paint jobs, rugged waterproof stuff.
Screws, deck screws, pre-drill with proper sized bit.
Hangers I've seen are made for joists?
Stringers are on an angle, nail or screw through back if possible, "toe-nail/screw" then cleat on sides and bottom?
Now someone will inevitably chime in with good info, good luck!

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They make a special screw for composite boards. It has left handed threads at the top that removes the composite material as the screw is driven it. It keeps the material from swelling as the head of the screw goes into the board. On stair stringers I attach a board across the back at the top and nail this to the deck. You just have to adjust the tread width of the stringer for the width of this board.
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