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First, I HATE emptying the Shop Vac!! Dust everywhere and knocking the filter out compounds the problem. So I built this cart so everything dumps into a 14gallon drum and no dust gets to the filter. The Drum pops out and empties easily – though still some dust it is far more manageable.

I found several ideas on Youtube but almost all invariably suffered from the same “Peel the top off the 5 gal bucket” issue. Then I stumbled on the below idea.

My cart generally follows his design concept using ¾” Plywood for all the components. The trick to the design is using the toggle clamps which lift the table the bucket sits on then compressing the seal at the top of the bucket. Slick design – just pop the toggles and slide out the bucket. Changes I would make are swapping out the 3/4" ply for 5/4 pine (Cut down 2x4s) the plywood is not very stiff torsionally


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