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I've been doing research on this forum re our dust (bag) problem and was told about using a cartridge filter. After submitting my findings about Wynn filters etc to the upper echelon, one of the guys came back with a Laguna mini cyclone 1.5hp, which they liked because (it was small lol) .
We only filter out dust from computers, no wood chips or anything big. This unit has a spun cartridge filter that isn't certified by hepa, but claims 99.9 filtration. It seems to do a great job so far.

The question I have is wondering whether this was normal:
After using the unit for computer dust, if we rotate the filter cleaning handle which rubs 2 paddles around the inside of the filter (to help empty debris into bottom bag apparently), we see a fine dust mist emitting from the cartridge. It seems to be at the location of the rubbing cleaning paddles.

a. Is this normal?
b. Should we not be rotating that cleaning handle very often? Maybe only when actually cleaning the unit which then we should expect some area dust escape?

Thanks for all the help so far!

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