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dull wood

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I have been cutting pupleheart and after sanding I lost my deep puple color. Is there a way to get it back without letting it age?.and if it was to age about long might it take
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Put it in the sun, it will purple up right away. Then put some sort of finish on it - we use lacquer. We have some purpleheart pieces in our house that have been up three years with no change of color from the original purple.

and if it was to age about long might it take
What Nancy said:laughing:, exposure to sunlight will make it purple again in a few hours....but too much UV exposure over time will turn it brown even black again. I would use a finish with a UV inhibitor if it is going to set someplace in direct sunlight.
Learn something everyday. We hear we are suppose to and I just did. I have worked with purpleheart several times. Used it twice in humidors, once on jewelry box, and another time on a medium sized blanket chest, and I never knew exposing it to sun would enhance the purple. I alwways kept it out of the sun thinking it would fade it.
On the humidors and jewely boxes the final thing to touch them was a scraper or hand plane and that always brought out the color better than anything else I tried.
The one time I used it where the sander touched it last was on a medium sized blanket chest and the acetone took the fade out.
I use it for guitar neck laminates all the time and the colour always comes back sunlight or not.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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