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Hi all,

I'm working on a setup for duck and game calls. My father in law is wanting something he can take hunting as well as sell to his buddies back home. Plus, it would broaden my horizons as a turner and I don't want to step on the toes of the local expert, who sells bowls almost exclusively.

I'm going to ignore the requirement for the special mandrel from Craft Supplies because they're so expensive. I have resolved, instead, to get a hardwood dowel (or wooden mop handle) and turn a section down to about 3/4". I could fit some O rings on it to more easily fit the large sections onto the mandrel. I can do the same with the smaller sections. I just got a nice new set of forstner bits and this home made mandrel should work as well as the ones costing $30 each.

Here's something I wonder: the wood blanks suggested for the game calls are 1.5" square by 6". Would it hurt anything to cut the game calls from 2" square stock and make the final product a bit thicker than one would normally be? I'm not an acoustics expert so this might help me out. I've made a handful of blanks by cutting and gluing strips from some of the hardwood sitting around in my shop. I think it's mostly maple, although there's another wood there I don't recognize.

I'll post photos when I have a few. I'm intending to make some out of birds-eye maple, mesquite, and maybe bocote. I'd love to do some out of desert ironwood even though that might be a bit heavy for normal use.

Comments, advice, complaints, etc, welcome. Naysayers wilt forevermore say "nay".


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This is link to a book which will get you started. [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Turning-Custom-Duck-Game-Calls/dp/156523281X"]http://www.amazon.com/Turning-Custom-Duck-Game-Calls/dp/156523281X[/ame], this book may not be the best but then it is the only one. There are a number of items illustrated to get you started. The wood you stated are good choices, stay away from broom sticks and use maple. Forstner bits are OK but would not be my choice unless you bore them on the lathe. I use brad point bits which give a truer hole using a drill press.

You can than join one of these forums:
Both of the forums are filled with ideas and resources.
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