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My old bits are taking longer and longer to grind through much of anything. Thought I'd treat myself to a new set. Rockler has a surprisingly limited selection.

Sears offers:

  • Craftsman Cobalt
  • Craftsman Black Oxide
  • Craftsman Titanium Coated
  • DeWalt "Pilot Point" "High Speed Steel"
  • Craftsman Titanium
  • DeWalt "Pilot Point" Cobalt
and a good bit more.

Home Depot:

  • DeWalt Titanium
  • Ryobi Titanium
  • Ryobi Black Oxide
Don't know what Cobalt or Black Oxide are (or any of the others, really). Is Titanium better than Titanium-coated? Can anybody rank materials or recommend a brand?

do a google search for the hardest drill bit's and read, lot's of info their
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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