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Started working with wood when I was 10 or 11, my grandfather converted large metal working mechanisms to turn,cut and polish wood. If we did not have it we made it. I was pulling submerged logs from rivers in the NW as soon as my feet could reach the clutch and brake.

Had an old Walker single piston saw that would run for days on end to slab out Birdseye maple trunks that were 16' across. However, when the saw was finished all that was needed was a little scraping and to put on the finish.

I'm retired from the military, and have a Tree farm that I have learned to despise, because I can't seem to fish enough. I work full time as a safety manager, and have three daughters a grandson and a granddaughter.

I also have a cabinet shop that I have too many orders to fill and not enough time to enjoy working and carving wood. Most of all I miss tying flys.
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Welcome to our forum!...sounds like an interesting resume.
Welcome Dovetail. Glad to have you on the forum.
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