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This is what I started with. 1x6 planks, used to help strap down rolls of film for making cheese.

Table Wood Floor Metal

This is the floor, those same 1x6 planks, secured to 2x4s. Right now, not sealed.

Table Light Wood Floor Hardwood

This is the frame of the build. About this time we started watching the sky a bit closer for threat of rain. The process started to speed up and things like being level and square were watched, but not as closely.

Product Wood Table Furniture Plywood

I have different intentions for finishing the roof, want to put tin on it, seal all the cracks, etc. But when the lightning starts flashing and wind picks up and I'm working with my brother in law in the middle of my yard we decided the most important thing was to finish, now. Laid some shingles over the ridge of the roof and where the roof meets walls just to keep the rain off my skunky dog.

In my opinion, it looks kinda like a house boat cabin.
please keep in mind, this is an emergency finish, not the final project.


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I am planning to build a doghouse this summer, just in case the Memsahib locks me out. I plan to use Behr deck and fence stain to finish it. It preserves wood pretty well against the elements (I`ve used it on Muskoka/Adirondack/Bear chairs) and is probably less toxic than oil based stains.
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