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I hadn't seen those, kinda pricey. I've looked at the Bora tops made for their Centipede stand, but they are 3/4" holes, which can be an issue. 3/4 vs 20mm (.787") Parf dogs are I believe 19.9 mm (.783) to fit 20mm holes, not gonna work with 3/4" :(

I believe Lee Valley and some others carry a 3/4" Parf dog, not sure about the ones made to attach a track.

Long story short, it seems to me if you're set up for it tool wise and want to go with a true MFT set up, you need to 20mm holes. There's just no easy way to do it: either a 20mm Forstner bit (cheapest) or 20mm router bit. That sends you down a bit of a rabbit hole looking for bits (Bosch and Festool are the only ones I've found) or a 20mm router bit, which only come in 10mm collet sizes, so you need a collet adapter. Either way its $50-70 depending on what you get.

So yeah, considering the cost of bits, template and time to make one, not to mention human error, I think a person might be better off buying a predrilled top?

For your home viewing entertainment:

You have basically summed up why I refuse to buy anything festool.

"Let's make everything we sell custom to a standard we invent so users cannot use any other brand ever"
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