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Do you think this stabile?

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We are making a new forniture on school. We have made the plans but is this stabile?

You can also download the 3D model:
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Good Afternoon.

The stability of that design depends on several factors. The first and perhaps most important is the type of surface it will be sitting on. Carpet is much less stable than hardwood floors, which are less stable than cement.

The second factor is how and what you store in or on it. If you're heavy items are primarily in the bottom quarter to third, it will be more stable. If it is meant to hold a flat-screen TV, well, don't even risk it.

Lastly, there are several ways to make it stable no matter what the above answers are. If you mount it to the wall through a mounting brace or an L-bracket at the top, it makes the individual stability a moot point. I have seen plenty of six-foot book shelves fully loaded that were 48" wide and only 12" deep. They were mounted to the wall and it made it all work perfectly.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your reaction. There coming some not big things in the cabinet. Some paper's and some screws and more like that. There no coming a tv in it!
We will make it of MDF.
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