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Do I need a planer?

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Do I need a Jointer?

I have a major project in my future doing a complete remodel of our kitchen. I will be doing raised panel doors and have a table saw, radial arm saw, router table, biscuit joiner, planer, Kreg jig etc. Do I really need a jointer if I purchase 4/4 stock that is supposedly flat on one side and one edge? I have heard of using the router table as a jointer for the panels etc. I ran into a gentleman at the woodworking show this weekend and he claimed that the jointer and the planer were the most important tools in the shop. It really got me thinking? Do I really need this monster? The jointer he recommended was a Delta DJ-20 and is around 6 Feet long and probably a couple feet wide. I feel that my shop is full now and I haven't even started to fill it with materials. There is obviously a lot of good advice on this forum and I definitely need some! Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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maybe so Jim, but

I found a good ripfence and a great carbide finish blade will give me straight boards with no tearout on nasty grained lumber much faster than a joiner. The joints are so good I use this method to join table tops and all other glue up projects. First rip with crown edge to blade and it's already straighter than several passes on joiner. Flip and rip with straighter edge to fence. It's the same principal as using a joiner from here, straightest edge goes to fence to cut straighter edge on blade. If you're straightening alot of lumber, use a rougher cut blade for first few cuts on all pieces first, then finer blade for finish cuts. Happy joining!!
How to you flatten the width of a board with cup or twist on a tablesaw? Maybe I should just ditch the 12" jointer and the 2 - 6" jointers I have, cause I must have missed something in the instruction book. Also Grizzly has about 10 pages of jointers in their '09 catalogue, including a massive 16" at $5695.00. You might want to contact them and tell them about your method. :yes: bill
George You must get a Grizzly catalogue!

You will drool over the tools in there and increase your knowledge immensely of the just about everything woodworking. Go to www.grizzly.com and have them send you one or do a search on their site. A sliding table, tablesaw has a moveable table on the right hand side that slides parallel with the blade on ball bearing tracks. It is used to crosscut large panels safely and accurately, smaller ones as well but the idea is that it supports the larger pieces while sawing. Prices start about $2000.:thumbsup: bill
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