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Do I need a planer?

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Do I need a Jointer?

I have a major project in my future doing a complete remodel of our kitchen. I will be doing raised panel doors and have a table saw, radial arm saw, router table, biscuit joiner, planer, Kreg jig etc. Do I really need a jointer if I purchase 4/4 stock that is supposedly flat on one side and one edge? I have heard of using the router table as a jointer for the panels etc. I ran into a gentleman at the woodworking show this weekend and he claimed that the jointer and the planer were the most important tools in the shop. It really got me thinking? Do I really need this monster? The jointer he recommended was a Delta DJ-20 and is around 6 Feet long and probably a couple feet wide. I feel that my shop is full now and I haven't even started to fill it with materials. There is obviously a lot of good advice on this forum and I definitely need some! Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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A planner is needed if you are going to start your work with rough cut wood. Or if you want to use a thickness of wood that is not available in stores.

If you are only going to use finished wood that is available in stores a planner is not necessary. I got by for 20 y ears without one.

Saw one on sale one day and bought it. It sat for over a year before I used it the first time. Now I do use it some but not a lot.

It can save you money if you do a lot of woodworking and want to purchase rough cut woods.

Now a jointer is something I could not live without.

"you could sell your joiners and buy a great sliding table saw to put in all that space "

What is a sliding table saw?

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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