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Dining room table

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I'm planning to make a dining room table with extension piece in the middle of the table. So you can make the table shorter or longer depending your needs (sorry for the poor language. I hope somebody understands what I mean).
I don't want to use factory made metal rails. I was hoping if somebody has a idea (simple and durable) for making those rails out of wood.

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You might want to stop by a antique store, They used to make them out of wood.Might give you a idea.
Sounds like you want to make them yourself, which is cool, but FYI, you can buy the factory-made jobs in wood as well at metal.
Thanks. I haven't seen those kind of slides here in Finland. I might do something like those. By the way, what FYI means (trying to learn your language)?
Nice website sorry that I couldn't understand the language.:thumbsup:
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