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$299 plus shipping to save me the ebay hassle. She's in great shape, used very little relatively speaking, and has an extra set of knives and that adds another $40 in value. The knives on it now are in good shape too.

I put an HDPE bed on it too (another $29.00) so even large stock slips right on through.

I'm only selling it because I bought a bigger planer and don't have room for both. This is a great deal. You'll save over $300 by the time you figure all that comes with it based on my cursory reseach.

It has normal wear and scrathes from use but nothing major. Anyone genuinely interested I will post a pic of it.

Shipping to practically any CONUS area is less than $60 so still a good deal after shipping. Not charging a handling or packing or hidden fee on shipping.
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