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I'm wondering if someone can help me with my stairs going up to a deck which I have three confusing issues:

1. Bullnose/overhang the treads
2. Put the other side of the tread under the riser
3. Make all the rises the same

Local code:
a. Maximum riser 8"
b. Minimum tread 9" (not counting overhang)
c. Bullnose overhang 3/4"
d. All risers must be same height

Distance for total height (pad surface to deck surface) is 23.5"
Distance for total run is 34"
Material thickness riser and treads (PVC decking) is 1"
Riser on rim joist
48" wide so I'll be using 4 stringers or 2x12's

I'm sure I've left something out here: let me know.


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With 23.4 high, 34" run, sounds like you only need 2 steps if deck is third to leave some room at bottom step?
23.5/3= 7&13/16" risers, just under code.
Allow 1" in stringer rise for treads.
4 stringers sounds like overkill, 3 ought to do it for 48"?
I'm mostly a cabinet/furniture guy, someone else can correct me if this is bad info!

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If the treads are composite material, you will need 4 stringers so they won't sag when you step on them....
Ours are Timbertech, 48" wide..... I used 4..... You can buy stringers cheap at HD, or Lowes....

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For what it's worth, when I built a similar set of stairs where there were only a few steps, instead of using stringers, I built boxes and stacked them, toe screwing them together. I made dividers in each box on 8" centers (you can make them whatever you want). The stairs feel incredibly sturdy. A friend asked if they were concrete. I saw that as quite a compliment. Here's my feeble attempt at a drawing.


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