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I built a wooden box over the motor that accepts a slide in 12x12 furnace filter as an air inlet, and also some cooling for the motor. It works fine. I took the removable panel off of the lower front, and have the duct elbowed out there.

All small holes, of which there are a bunch, are covered with blue masking tape, including the curved slot for the height wheel. If I need to tilt it, I just pull the blue tape off, and put some more on when needed.

We also use the Exactor overarm, and overall the DC works great. Portable DC is 3hp 4-bagger.

This is our portable saw. It's on a mobile base, and has a piece of Masonite under the cabinet to seal the bottom. The stand for the overarm is bolted to a double piece of Baltic Birch scrap, which is in turn bolted to the mobile base. The outfeed table is a lightweight version. We roll the saw into the loader bucket to move it from a house to a trailer when we need to move it from one job to another. Our jobsites are usually pretty long term.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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