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Decktop Pergola

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Hello All,

I have a desire for a deck-top pergola. I found a design I like, sold at a local big box. It is built from cedar. Unfortunately, it is about two feet too long to fit on my small 10'x12' deck.

So, the logical conclusion is the buy it and reduce the length - or build one myself.

Investigating building it myself, I have discovered that it is hard to find either cedar, or PT lumber in 2"x3" sizes. Lots of people post it on their websites, but when you call, it is never in stock. BTW, I am looking at 2x3 because I believe 2x4 would change the "fineness" of the design and make it look to bulky.

Therefore my question... I can obtain 2"x3" pine easily but will it stand up to the sun and rain?

I would of course paint or deeply stain and seal the wood - including mated surfaces. No part of the pergola will touch soil and it will be sitting entirely on top my deck - which gets full sun year round.

Is there any good reason NOT to carry through with this build - not using PT or cedar? If cleaned and repainted every 3-4 years, is thee any reason to expect this to rot away pretty quickly?

Your feeedback would be appreciated.
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