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Hello everyone, we recently bought a house and my wife does Scottish Highland dancing (lots of jumping) and would like to convert the garage to a dance studio. We are going to get a contractor to do the work, but wanted some advice on the various options available to us.

She is not very picky on looks, and at first just wanted plywood on a 2x4 frame but I talked her into doing something that looks at least a bit nicer than that for her students.

What I think we've settled on as the best compromise for cost and appearance and dance appropriateness is basically the Springstep 1 plan from here: http://www.stagestep.com/installation_guide_springstep.php

Although instead of using 3/4 plywood and then putting a dance surface on top, we're going to use 1/2 inch OSB, and then 1/2 inch hardwood plywood as the actual dance surface. I talked to the stagestep people and they said this would be fine, although not as durable as putting a vinyl or hardwood floor over the plywood, but since she won't be using it that intensively (3-5 times a week for 1-2 hours at a time) it should be fine.

My main question is, any advice on what type of hardwood plywood to use for the top surface? For dance floors generally it seems like maple is preferred, but I'm not sure that counts when it will just be a thin veneer? Does the grade matter much for this use? There is some reasonably priced C-2 maple plywood in the area (albuquerque, NM) but higher grades get quite expensive. Also, does the number of plys matter for this purpose?

Any other advice/thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. The other reason we didn't want to go with a real hardwood flooring over the subfloor (besides cost) is that we would like converting it back to a garage to be as easy as possible if we sell the house, and since everything will be done with screws, dis-assembly would be pretty straightforward with the current plan. If there are better suggestions for an easy to disassemble highly functional and reasonably priced option I'm all ears.

Other info: The garage floor is concrete. Total square footage is around 430. I'd be happy to clarify anything else. All suggestions are welcome.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to learning from the collective wisdom of the forum.
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