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Greetings All,

Hope everyone is well.

I have a Porter-Cable PCB-220TS saw and recently took delivery of the Dado Throat Plate for same. Unfortunately, Porter-Cables Dis-ServiceNet does not include the set screws for this plate, their number 5140097-90. Sigh.

Does anyone know if the set screws that ship with the PCB-220TS can be used?

Many thanks!
Need some kind of clue as to the size/thread needed. I'd just take the throat plate to ACE, Home Depot or somewhere and determine the size and thread and purchase the correct setscrews. They could also be metric.
I'm also assuming the throat plate is metal and the screws are install in it. If that is the case, I would suggest Nylock set screws because they are more apt to stay in place. :smile:
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