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Dado on the router table

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So you cut a dado with a straight bit on the router table. The board is moved from right to left. Now say that the dado should be wider-- a second pass. You would like the dado wider with meat taken on the far side of the board--the side that was against the fence on the first pass. The board has a live edge, and the only side that can go against the fence is the same side that road the fence in the first place. Question: Do you move the fence closer to the bit for a wider cut; and now do you run that board from left to right so's not to "upcut?" TIA.
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Excellent advice! Great reading comprehension also!!! This was the answer that I was anticipating. Thank you!
You're welcome!
My desire was to take away stock from the side that was originally closest to the fence, so unfortunately the shim moves it the opposite direction. Thank you however.
don't move the fence and leave the shim in place...................
It would be nice if this was perceived more as a learning lesson---I'm sure that I am not the only person making a second cut which can easily and unfortunately be an upcut resulting in injury. Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the most dangerous; except it you know it ALL!!!
I understand and most understand the question. You were fixed on one way and we were trying to explain there was more than one way..

If you like I’ll take pictures if needed to understand?
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