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Cutting kerfs to curve wood

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I'm building an oval shaped table and am planning to put a skirt around the bottom side of the table top. I will be cutting out two matching oval plywood forms that the skirt willl attach to as well as provide support for the four legs. I've never built a curved table before, so I was planning to cut saw kerfs on the back side of the skirt material with about 3/16" between kerf cuts and leaving about 3/32" of the face material. Will the kerfs being this close be enough to leave a smooth curve to the finished skirt?

The table is a 36" X 24" oval with the skirt set in about 2 1/2" from the tops edge.
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I would follow Dave's method....kerf cutting plywood, or anything to achieve a uniform curve is nearly impossible, simply because even in plywood, woof fiber thicknesses vary, and tension will change from one inch to the next.....resaw on a bandsaw or table saw, and laminate...If you draw the table skirt on a worktable top, you can cut out form blocks and screw them down...then build the skirt...carefully done, maybe using titebond 2 which has some time to work, you could build the entire skirt in one piece.

Neat idea....I personally like simple lines in furniture...mission style is my own preference...but now I'm thinking about how much of a challenege an oval table would be, and the wheels are turning.

By the way, WELCOME to the forum, we are glad to have you!
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