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Anyone know of a place near the Kansas City area where I can pick up some hard maple stock 2" or bigger. Doesn't have to be planed. I just need about a half dozen board feet to make a couple of cutting boards.

Anyone work with bamboo? Know where to get any? Bamboo is big in cutting boards now. Would like to make a maple and bamboo board. I think that would look cool.

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Bamboo Source

Hi Plowboy,
I don't know when you posted, looking for some bamboo, but a sure place to find some would be a floor supply company.

We install bamboo flooring on occasion, and while it's pretty thin 5/8",
and ribbed on the bottom, you can plane it flat, then glue some up.
It runs about $ 4.50 sq. ft.

As far as larger pieces, No idea.

Good luck. :thumbsup:

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