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Hi All,

I am an amateur woodworker and needed to find a way to cut a 67.5 degree miter for a wood panel wall that I was building and was completely stumped since the miter saw only goes up to 45 degrees.

After a lot of searching I finally found the answer of "cut a 45 degree out of 2x material, then place it on the saw as the guide and position your saw at 22.5 degrees." (45 + 22.5 = 67.5)

Now safety necessitates that you should clamp the 45 degree piece to the fence, but that particular day I had no access to clamps. However using what I had on-hand, I came up with an idea that I liked even better than clamps, since I've found that they sometimes can be quite awkward.

I screwed my 45 degree 2x pieces to a piece of plywood and had myself an easy to manage workspace that allowed me to cut 67.5 degrees from either angle.


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