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I bought Cutlist Plus fx to help generate a cut list for some cabinets. Well, I ran out of room. :-(

The $89 version allows for 50 unique parts. I used up all of that and could have used more.

Since the cabinets are all identified on the drawings, I used the ID with a description like "back, side, shelf, top, bottom".
You can see where I would run out of room because I also needed other parts such as face frame material, drawer parts, etc.

Even though I tried to stretch my parts, I still didn't have enough. I hate to upgrade because the next version is almost $300.

The great thing about cutlist is not only layout diagrams but the ability to print ID labels will really help me from getting any more confused than I will already be.

If you guys that use the program have an secrets to pass on, I would appreciate it. I think I am going to really like it.

Typical cabinet example:
B33 (Base Cabinet with one drawer, two doors and two adjustable shelves w/face frame front and 2 simple shaker style doors).

Parts list
B33 Side qty 2
B33 Back qty 1
B33 Bottom qty 1
B33 Top qty 2 (stretchers)
B33 Toe kick qty 1
B33 Drawer side qty 2
B33 Drawer end qty 2
B33 Drawer bottom qty 1
B33 Drawer front qty 1
B33 Door frame qty 2
B33 Door panel qty 2

As you can see, the list can eat up 50 parts in a hurry.
The layout diagrams look good and the labels really help.

Note: I am not a sketchup user. :eek:

Any help appreciated.

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I've been using the free version of sketchup make for my designs, and installed a free extension called cutlist. Gives two different things, a cut list layout, that shows you a diagram of each board and what you can cut out of it, as well as a cutlist, that tells you each of your components and their sizes. Might give that a try, although you'd have to learn how to use sketchup. But it's not that hard. Right now I've got about 89 different components, and it shows all of them.
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