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Ask 10 different woodworkers and get perhaps 20 different answers.

I had an RAS from 1983 until 2010. I used it a lot to construct extensions, framing rooms etc.

Once I started to make projects needing precision, I found the RAS went out of calibration if I moved the arm, so then this became a dedicated 90 deg only cross cut machine.

I later purchased a sliding compound mitre saw, and the RAS was only used for the deepest cross cuts.

I did not get my first table saw until 2003. Then my RAS was used even less.

In 2010 I purchased a lathe and needed to find the floor space in my shop so I have to displace the RAS, gave it to a friend.

At the same period I upgraded the SCMS to the Bosch 12in Glider, which has almost the same cross cut as my RAS.

I think it depends on the kinds of projects you need to do. If you can only fit one tool in the shop and need to cross cut and rip, then an RAS may be the way to go, but be prepared for frequent calibrations.

My RAS needed 3 hex headed screws to be loosened to calibrate. They were at the back of the arm, and since the RAS was up against the wall, this was always a pain for me.

If you have the space for SCMS and table saw, this would be my preference these days.
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