Ok, so, at this point in time, COVID is still a thing, and many of you are probably not super keen on going anywherefor your summer (or any kind of) vacation. Well, instead of worrying about how well a hotel (where you aren’t guaranteed to get a remote - we’re not kidding) has been disinfected, you can just travel along the great roads of America while being holed up in your camper.

Some of you, however, may not have used your camper in ages,which means it might be due for an upgrade. To that end, perhaps you should consider getting some custom woodwork installed. Yeah, yeah, we know; it sounds ridiculous...but, maybe you should hear us out before you decide it’s a terrible idea.

But... Why Would I Want Wood Anything Installed in My Camper?

Well, the short answer that I’m sure you’ve all heard time and time again; wood is awesome. It’s able to add a degree of sophistication to whatever room (or in this case vehicle) that you put it in. Wood is one of the most widely available and versatile building materials out there. Wood can add a feeling of warmth to any area it’s been installed in and can blend in with pretty much any design scheme. And let’s be real, if you’re going to pretty much be living inside your camper, wouldn’t you want it to look the best that it possibly could?

What Can I have Installed in My Camper?

If you’re willing to put in the effort or money, then pretty much anything you want. If you’re interested in getting hardwood flooring installed into your camper, then you certainly can. The same way that hardwood flooring can improve the look of your house, it can do the same for your camper’s floors too. Let’s say that you need more storage space for your kitchen. You can have customized wooden shelves installed inside of the kitchen area if need be.

You can have customized counters for even more added storage space and to hide away a small table to serve as a dining space. Even the largest of campers have a bit of an issue in regard to space, so the trick to maximizing the amount of utilizable space is to build into corners and cabinets so that they can be tucked away after they’ve been used.

Speaking of tables, if you’d like to just have a table built, you can simply request one or build it yourself if you have those skills. Depending on the size of your RV/camper, it’s entirely possible to build a table and seating for you, your family, and friends to eat around for breakfast or dinner. If you’re willing and able; your camper can become your mobile home away from home.

Anything that you’d like to outfit your camper with is more within the realm of possibility than you might think. Having your camper outfitted with new wooden custom pieces can bring a fresh new look and feel to your home on wheels. Riding around in your refreshed RV can make your vacation that much more enjoyable.

Have you ever considered using wood to dress up the inside of your camper? If so, share with the rest of us what you did.

If any of you readers have any more input on awesome custom woodwork that can be installed inside of campers, then say so in the comments. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to give the other readers more good ideas. And just know, that regardless of where or how you take your vacation, make sure that you do it safely. See you next time guys