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Hello everyone!!! If any of you live near southen Colorado, mainly the San Luis Valley area, and love woodworking (why else would you be here to begin with???) Trinidad State Junior College (Valley Campus in Alamosa, CO) has a Fine Woodworking program! Come get your certificate!! They offer many classes in a real life wood shop! Our club Facebook page is below along with TSJC's site. They have CNC classes, basic woodworking classes as well as advanced classes. Registration for Fall 2013 ends August 23. Still time to come on down!

(Pssssttt Thiss is where I was able to let my mind create the Chopsickle and the big pistol. Creativity is a must.)



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Too bad I didn't know that when I lived in Co Springs. I used to visit Monte Vista for work and my wife was born & raised in Capulin, just outside of Alamosa. Still have family there.

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