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Curly Curly

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If the term curly refers to the stripes then what do you call the grain.Aren't they both grain.
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Didn't Forrest Gump say "Curly is as curly does?"

It is all grain. But what it looks like is where the name comes from. Search for "Birds eye" whatever (maple) and you will see little dots that look like . . . wait for it. . . Birds eyes!

On DIY David Marks made a table out of "quilted" something a while back and after the finish it looked like satin had been draped over the top of the table. Really beautiful. ( By the way met him at a wood working club in Sacramento a while back. Great guy.)

Mostly the names are descriptions of what it looks like but you have to be careful because somethings they are "commercial" names or "brand" names for something and can be confusing. And the same piece of wood can be called many different things depending on who you are asking.

Hey! A 2 X 4 isn't 2" X 4" so what do you expect. :laughing::laughing::laughing:
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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