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Curly Curly

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If the term curly refers to the stripes then what do you call the grain.Aren't they both grain.
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Daren-That's just mean buddy, tortuous for those poor guys.

I just bought 900 feet of old growth, curled rock maple logs, 200 feet of birdseye and the logger threw in a big ol' burl he cut on the slasher while making logs. The weekend before, one of my other logger suppliers called me to come to the landing to check a log.

Flame birch. 20+ inches. Very grrrr......
Yeah, I apologize for being in the mist lately. I've been pulling late nights trying to get everything up and running. I was to the point that the shop was full of dried stuff, both kiln chambers were full and I have probably 15,000bdft of different interesting hardwood logs to get to. I finally got the shop wired, insulated and just got the dust collection system running for the planer. I'll get some pics tonight. I just got done a pile of hardwood flooring to go to my buddy for T&G and relief cuts. The whole project really took a lot more time and effort than I had anticipated but I guess that's par for the course. I'm excited at the possiblities, I've gotten some inquiries about the operation and what I can have in stock by some local guys that are real into this kind of stuff. I haven't turned the corner in this yet but I can see it coming...
Ok Daren, here's the pics:

I still have work to do on the shop, plywood on the walls etc. The slide saw table still needs to be leveled and shimmed but the planer system works great. What an awesome machine, 70's vintage powermatic 18 inch planer with the quiet cutterhead. It weighs about 1400 lbs. The edger is powermatic too, runs great. I threw in a couple pics of flooring and some spalted maple, birdseye and butternut.


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Isn't that stuff terrible?, even more so with the tiger curl....
I just can't resist those old logs. Some are like sponge and I end up throwing them into the outdoor furnace but some really are amazing. I've got 3 coming in this weekend that I think are holding some potential. Just ran into a cool deal a few weeks ago. Another logger called me and was cutting in central vermont and came across a series of trees that he couldn't identify. After mulling it over, one of his guys that runs the skidder came up and said "wow, I haven't seen chestnut in years". Sure enough, it was american chestnut. I didn't think there was any left. There wasn't even a listing on the log yard list for it so they sold it to me with a pile of cherry for the same price. It looks sweet cut, very much like the look of cherry. A white sapwood with a rich dark brown heart, not quite as dark as walnut.
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