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I remember years ago when Ryobi offered it's table saw with the sliding miter table. I thought it was just about the most awesome saw I had ever seen. But I chose a Dewalt contractors saw instead. I've used this saw up until this last Christmas. My wife bought me a new craftsman table saw 21829.

For me, this has been an awesome saw. It was very easy to tune it in and it has been quite accurate. I love the sliding miter table, and of course it also has a standard miter gauge too. Of course if the board is a little to long to use this feature effectively, I also have a radial arm saw and a sliding miter saw that I can use instead.

I've read some of the reviews and a standard complaint is that not all routers fit on it's router table. Well, I solved that problem as I have an old Ryobi router table that came with a universal router attachment plate. I used that on my new saw and I now have a craftsman plunge router attached to it.

The fence has a real smooth action to it. When I first set it up, I set it 6 inches from the blade and then I took measurements from the front and back ends of the blade to the fence and the distance was exactly the same. So it's right on the money as well.

Also, if for any reason I need to move it out of the way, I can do so very easily because of it's portable stand with wheels. And unlike a lot of other table saws, it's not a screamer.

I've read where some folks have claimed that this saw couldn't be used to make furniture with. I disagree. I've owned some pretty crappy table saws. One in particular was really bad. But through a little extra patience and work on my part, I was able use it to build a hutch to sit on the top of my floor model television. Everyone who has seen it has thought it came from the store this way.

If I had to say anything negative about it, it would be that an out feed table doesn't come with it. I don't know, maybe they do offer one for it. But I think I'll just make one with locking wheels. One thing for sure, doing so would be less expensive. This Craftsman 21829 table saw has proven to be a lot of fun and a real pleasure to use. I can honestly say that it's the best table saw I've ever owned. :thumbsup:

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