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Today I was making some cuts on my table saw, I had the bade up pretty high to make some cheek cuts using a tenon jig. About 3/4 of the way through all my pieces, The saw started making a noise like a bearing was dry(?). I lowered the blade with the same resulting noise.

I got this saw from my father in law for free, the only thing I have in it is a new Shop Fox fence. It's been a really good saw for me for what I need it to do. I got on the Sears parts site and looked up these parts: #3509 Bearing, #STD590062 Retaining Ring & #STD581062 E Ring Clip. I figured from looking at the drawing these are parts that I would probably break removing them. :blink:

What else should I look for or be prepared to replace while I have it all apart? Am I even barking up the right tree?

Thanks, Bumpus
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