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Kudos to your cousin Chris! Always makes me happy to see a struggling artist & woodworker get a break :) For future reference, there's an "off topic" section under the Community forum that would be the place for this post ;-)

On a side note, does it drive anyone else completely insane that every time some simpleton is tasked with removing cabinets on any DIY Network remodeling/makeover show its done with a sledge hammer rather than a screw gun???? So funny to watch em get all tired, worn out, and sweaty trying to repeatedly swing a 10 lb sledge overhead for a job that I could accomplish by myself with only a screwdriver and barely break a sweat. Gotta love "reality" tv.
Yes, all for TV show. When we had our kitchen remodeled, we donated the cabinets to the local Habitat for Humanity. As a benefit, they come by and take them out. No demo, and we did not even have to get out a screw driver.
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