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Couldn't pass it up for the price!

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An across this table saw on Craigslist for $125. It's a rigid ts2412-1. Just got it all setup and aligned. I'll see if I get tired of its dust. It works fine.


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Nice buy!!
Great buy.....put a good blade on it! :thumbsup:
The table on it had a lot of surface rust. I used krud kutter for rust , bought at lowes. It ate all the rust right up.
If I didn't have my table saw.....I wouldn't wood work at all.....a good table saw makes woodworking enjoyable in my opinion....
I probably use my bandsaw and scrollsaw more than anything else in my shop. I guess it depends on what you get into making. I don't make furniture very much, I like making rocking horses, bandsaw boxes, and other more scroll type of projects.
I gotta give you credit....i'd love to do scroll work.....but I don't have the patience
Am I the only one that has this problem?
I always look on craigslist, ( I guess a old mans treasure hunting), looking. And like a woman who sees sales and can't pass up a deal even though I don't need it, couldn't pass up a hegner multimax 2 scrollsaw for $75. I have a 30" Excalibur, a dewalt I picked up cheap, and now this. I wanted to compare them and see the difference. But I don't have 60 + pairs of shoes yet so my wife can kill me yet! :)


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Nope....I have 2 jointers in my garage cause they were a good deal.....
Looks pristine - nice score. Again. :thumbsup:
Nice saw. Properly aligned with a good cut specific blade there isn't much it won't handle in a hobbyist's shop. Those rails, if you don't mind losing the functionality of the front rail tape,can be slid to the right for rip capacity beyond its OEM 24".
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