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Could use a little advice

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Finishing up the first of 4 drawered jewelry chests and want to make the smallest drawer into a ring drawer. How do you guys construct ring holders. I'm thinking foam wrapped dowels but, is there a better method or product?
Thanks for your help.
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there seem to be 2 ways...

You can use round posts that hold the ring(s) OR grooves that the rings can be set into. A white closed cell packing foam that will spring back after you make the groove, can be lined easier than wrapping a post. Here's a thread from back a while it doesn't show making the groove or lining it, that would be kinda self explanatory. No searches showed the "how to" that I could find.


Another method is to use separate strips of foam that you press the lining material into:
Check in around 4:50 seconds
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One way I've done them was to cut square wood lengths, approximately ¾"x¾", and use a ¼" round over along the two long edges. Round over only one long edge for where it ends. Then glue a few layers of felt or corduroy from the bottom edge on one side up and over and down on the other side. You could use a thin layer of ⅛" polyfoam rubber under one layer of material. This gives you two areas of flat to hold the material. The width of the lengths will separate how far the rows are apart, and the spacing between them will be how they are held once in place.

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Thanks Woodenthings and C-Man. Good ideas.
I was facing the same problem when doing the Jewelry Chest in the Alternative Methods Challenge a couple of years ago. This is how I made it (post #27 and #29).
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Thanks LK. Looks like a good idea. And, that is a beautiful jewelry chest. I'll bet the "Princess" was delighted.
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