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WISE DECISION!!!! There's lots of variables in the description that would through up red flags to me....and the starting cost/bid is expensive for NO definite answers.

I agree with Al B Thayer and Aard ...hands on!!! And a meter!!!

The rule of thumb of an inch to a year is a good starting point BUT has many variables in many areas and every year is differ...some reading on a trusted wood seller states in his area each inch thickness adds more stabilizing and drying time....which makes sense due to moisture has further to go out.

Allen may have more wiser input from his area/location and may have more expertise of drying in buildings/ warehouses.
I didn't view all of the ebay ad but Ryan50 made the statement on shipping out and being certified is true to some areas now.....WE just got the ASH quarrantine in my area AND to ship ash OR FIREWOOD it has to be certified.
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