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Commercial space for shop??

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I was wondering if any body had any ideas about finding decent commercial space for a small shop. I live in Middletown CT. If anybody knows of commercial spaces or websites that help the search, let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Some real estate agents deal with Leased space..........
You could check local newspapers in their "classified" section. Could be under "warehouses for rent", or something to that effect. Some of the "warehouse bays" type only have spaces for rent and a community bathroom. Some are for storage only. You have to figure out how much space you really need and then start your search. Some factors you might keep in mind:

Actual available working space.
Type and size of bay/entry door.
Is there a back door (in case of a problem).
Access to the space (day/night, parking, truck limitations)
Ceiling height.
Heat or no heat.
Electrical service.
Running water
What if any restrictions.
Insurance questions.
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Thanks for everybody's input, it is greatly appreciated!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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