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I need a tough general purpose bench-top drill press for both drilling/hole-sawing wood and drilling metal. I had a really old very heavy monster of a machine that finally burned up. Is the Grizzly G7943 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press a solid machine? I work with wood and metal and probably fix stuff more than I make stuff so it's difficult to say it is for any particular job. It is just general purpose, sometimes light and sometimes heavy drilling.

Comments on this or other good choices appreciated. I only get to buy one drill press and I don't want to be disappointed.



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I've had a little BT Ryobi for 10? years.
It's OK but if I got to go shopping here are the things I'd want:

1. Top of the list = More different speeds. I have just 4, 8 would be far better with a few really slow ones for drilling metal.
2. Maybe more horsepower but I haven't stalled this one, yet.
3. There's 8" between the drill bit axis and the tower post. Many have been the times where 10" (OK) or 14" (best) would have been wonderful. I have never seen that kind of reach in a BT DP. Bolted to the bench, I can swing the motor drive 360 but I'm still stuck with an 8" clearance.
4. More shop space for a floor stand x 14" DP!!!!
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