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I am building an arts and crafts style coffee table. The build thread is here. I posted this here so I could find out what you all think and maybe get some fresh eyes.

My table plans call for 2" square legs. Having never built glued up legs, with two sides veneered, I have had my share of problems. I wrecked one almost completed leg on the jointer squaring it up. This lead to months of messing with my jointer, but that is another story. Tonight while waiting for the new leg glue up to dry, I started squaring the other legs, with the veneer, to the final dimension. After all the jointing and planing my legs are square at 1.75". A whole 1/4" shy of what the plans call for.

Even from the get go, after cutting my blanks, I knew I was going to be a bit smaller than planned. I made a mistake in ripping the blanks and thought I would be about an 1/8" off, but is 1/4" too much. I really don't want to start the legs from scratch and don't want to waste the wood. I also don't want the legs to look too out of proportion. I really don't think they will, but wanted other opinions.

I guess I could move ahead and wait until I dry fit the table base together to see if they look weird. Then make new ones. I would just be out the time it takes to make the new ones and cut the mortises in the old ones.

Here is the table plans cover sheet so you can see what I am talking about.

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They'll be fine. You may want to decrease the size of the end slats if they look out of proportion to the smaller legs.

Oh, don't forget to account for the size difference when laying out/cutting your mortises.
I would also thin the slats in width and thickness. The whole piece looks a bit "clunky" to my eye. I would use 5/8" thick pieces if the plans call for 3/4" aprons and 3/8" if they can for 1/2" thick slats.... but that's just my opinion.

Plans are just someones idea of what they thought looked good. Be your own judge to suit your own tastes.
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